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Difficulties in Helicopter Rescue

Helicopters can be used to supply materials, rescue or transfer personnel. The use of helicopters for marine rescue has the characteristics of quick action, strong mobility, small impact on weather conditions, wide field of vision and high success rate of rescue. It is one of the most efficient means of life-saving assistance at sea.

Accidents often occur under stormy conditions and harsh weather conditions, which is a great test for the courage and skill of rescuers. Hazardous areas with low altitude hovering Whether on land or at sea, helicopters carrying out rescue operations must work within a specified height range. At this time, pay special attention to the working state of the engine; pay attention to the load is not too large.

The fact that there is no reference object at sea is a direct factor to the poor stability of the hovering at sea. If there is a ship in distress and a life raft, there is still a little reference. If this is not the case, it is difficult for the pilot to hover without shifting. It will take a lot of trouble to save the people in distress quickly and accurately.

The height of the flight hover requires that the technically strong helicopters carry out the rescue and lift the rescued personnel until the flight speed of the helicopter is 45 ft on the land for 10-20 ft. This height is internationally recognized, and it is mainly considered that in the event of an accident, the risk of secondary injury to the rescued person will be minimized.

There is a great danger that the helicopter will hover at the specified minimum height. This is mainly because if the altitude is too low, the helicopter's under-washing airflow will blow over the liferaft on the sea, causing people to breathe hard. It is better to raise the helicopter to 70~80ft. After lifting the person out of the sea, slowly descend the height. When it is lowered to about 45ft, the helicopter can be taken.

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