The Slowest Train Tour

The Slowest Train Tour
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Among the many landscape train routes in Switzerland, "Glacier Express" and "Golden Pass" are the most famous.Glacier Express is the star of Switzerland in winter.Because the railway is built on the remains of glaciers, a few glaciers can be seen along the road, so it is called Glacier Express.Its speed is only 35 kilometers per hour, known as "the slowest observation train in the world".The Glacier Express starts from St. Moritz in the East and ends at Zermatt in the west, with a total length of 291km. It passes 291 bridges and 91 tunnels, with a total length of about 8 hours. It connects the Danube River Basin, Rhine River Basin and long river basin of St. Moritz.Along the way, the train passes through mountains and deep valleys, with a drop of 1429 meters between the highest point and the lowest point.It's like a thrilling roller coaster to climb to the top at first and then dive down.Red carriages gallop among the Alps, streams, valleys, waterfalls, countryside and villages. The scenery is picturesque.Generally, there are only three rows of seats in the train carriage, with wide and comfortable seats and panoramic windows.There are English and Chinese introductions in the whole process. When a scenic spot appears, a prompt will appear on the electronic screen.Of course, the ticket price of Glacier Express is not cheap, and it needs to pay positioning fee in addition to the ticket price to choose a seat to get on.

This train is suitable for those who have plenty of time and are curious about the train tour. It is not recommended for those who are in a hurry or want to save money (unless you buy a through ticket).What's more, the train glass is closed and can't be opened. There will be reflection when taking pictures. So when you sit on the train, you can replace the lens with your eyes and enjoy the scenery.


The same account can reserve tickets for multiple people;Tourists can buy tickets at least 2 months in advance and reserve seats 90 days in advance.It's no use booking too early.The catering booked online cannot be cancelled or returned;If you want to change economy class to first class, you need to check in at the counter before boarding.The glacier train has obvious off-season and peak season.Summer is the peak season. Generally, three trains will leave at the same time, and only one train will leave in the off-season.There are also slight differences between departure time and stops.Careful friends may have noticed when booking tickets.PS: Swiss trains are on time!!

Booking fee.The seats on the Glacier Express are extra and compulsory.The prices in off season and peak season are different. Please refer to the price section above for details.Even a through ticket has to be paid extra, and every time you get on the bus, you have to pay (it's not the way to get off the bus for a rest).This is a little expensive for consumers.Restaurant / dining issues.Passengers can book online or order after boarding. The prices are the same, but those booked in advance are non refundable and non exchangeable.Tourists can also bring their own food, as mentioned above.There is a small table in front of everyone. After you sit down, a steward will help you put the table, lay the cloth and add vegetables.The design of the wine glass is very interesting, it is inclined.

Get on the train.Swiss through ticket is free to take. Check the train number, departure time, platform and pay for the seat fee on the official website in advance, and then get on the train with the ticket.Get off the train.Passengers with a through ticket can get off at will when they see the scenery they like.But if you come up again, you'll have to pay a seat fee.There are several stops in the whole train, sometimes 30-40 minutes.What to do after getting off the train:It mainly refers to the situation when luggage is taken down to visit a scenic spot and you want to get on the bus again.The point-to-point ticket is not allowed to get on again. It needs to buy the ticket and seat fee again;Generally, you can get on the train free of charge, but you also need to pay the seat fee again.