The "Tips" of Self-driving in Winter

The "Tips" of Self-driving in Winter
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Replace glass water and antifreeze. In summer, we use ordinary glass water. Some people will replace it with tap water or pure water in order to save money, but they can't do so in winter. The temperature is relatively low in winter. Once the glass water freezes, it can't be sprayed out at the critical moment. If it freezes, it will crack the kettle and spray all the time. It may also damage the wiper sprinkler motor.

Proper adjustment of tire pressure. In summer, because of the high temperature, we usually lower the tire pressure a little. In winter, because of the expansion and contraction, the tire pressure may be a little lower. If the tire pressure is too low, it will not only increase fuel consumption, but also accelerate tire wear and tear.

Replace the snowtyre and prepare the anti-skid chain. Snow is a common thing in winter, especially in some areas of the north, where the whole winter is spent almost in the snow. At this time, no snow tyres would be impossible, as for other areas where snow is not frequent, it is better to prepare a set of anti-skid chains.

Hot train before departure. Many people think that the engine of a car used to be a carburetor engine. It is not easy to ignite in winter. After ignition, the idle speed is relatively low and the car needs to be heated before it goes. In winter, when the temperature is low and the oil viscosity is high, it is almost equal to dry grinding if the engine runs at a high speed immediately after starting.

Care should be taken when driving in foggy weather. It's easy to fog in some hills and low-lying areas in winter morning, so many of our novice drivers will be at a loss when driving in foggy weather. In foggy weather, first of all, we should turn on both front and rear fog lights, but some low-coordination taxis do not have fog lights. At this time, we have to turn on the indicator lights, if the fog is larger. It is suggested that the emergency light be turned on.