Tokyo is not the Capital of Japan

Tokyo is not the Capital of Japan
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The capital is the power center of every country, and almost all countries in the world have capitals. When it comes to the capital of Japan, many people will definitely say "Tokyo." But such an answer is ridiculed, why? Where is the capital of Japan?

In the Japanese legal regulations, Japan actually has no capital. And Tokyo is just playing the role of a capital. Why does Tokyo have the identity of the capital but not the name of the capital?

Japan has had many experiences in replacing the capital. Kyoto City has the longest time as the capital. For more than a thousand years, Kyoto City has been recognized as the capital of Japan. The main reason is because the Japanese emperor has been living here until the Tokugawa family unified regime. Later, the regime was slowly transferred to the Edo area.

The reason for the transfer of power to the Edo area is that the economic development of the Kyoto area is very backward, while the Edo is developing very well. The Emperor felt that living in Kyoto reduced his identity, so he came to Edo. After Edo changed his name to Tokyo, and the emperor was reluctant to leave after he arrived in Tokyo.

But in order to take care of the aristocratic forces, the Emperor must return to Kyoto after spending some time in Tokyo. At this time, some people realized that the Emperor was reluctant to leave Tokyo, so he said that you must stay in Tokyo, otherwise Tokyo will have a big deal. The Emperor chose to stay in Tokyo.

The aristocratic forces certainly disagreed with the Emperor’s approach. However, the Emperor decided to live in Tokyo, so he would appease the courtiers and said: I will go back after I have finished working here, and the capital is still Kyoto. This incident has led to the Japanese capital has not been decided. Then Tokyo became the economic center of the country. But because of this contradiction, Tokyo has never been recognized as a capital.