Far From The Noise of The City

Far From The Noise of The City
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Is there a moment you want to escape Boston? Do you want to escape to a place where no one knows you or anyone can contact you? Now, there is such a place that can satisfy all your requirements.

A company called "Gateway House" built four houses in a forest within a two-hour drive of Boston. Each house is small and can accommodate 2-4 people. The most mysterious thing is that they do not announce the specific address of the house. If you want to go to the reservation room, then they will send you an email with details such as address, access code and more. It doesn't matter if you don't have a car, you can take the bus. However, it is a little troublesome to take the bus. You have to take the Concord Coach first and then take a taxi to get there. The cost is between $25-40.

Such a horrible hut is very warm and tidy. The windows are large so the interior is bright. There are green trees around the house, and your mood will be better. In the fall, the outside of the house is covered with red leaves. You can sit by the window and read or hug with your lover. How happy it is to live here.

Basic facilities in the house, such as bathroom, shower room, heating, kitchen, refrigerator. Outdoors there is a place to barbecue and ignite a bonfire. If the weather is good, you can open a campfire party with your friends. They also welcome pets as long as you let them know when you make a reservation. Don't worry about finding a place or having problems in your room, you can call for help at any time. The staff will help you solve the problem in time.

n fact, they also have forest huts in New York, and the number of rooms is even more than that of Boston. These forest huts are also very popular. The number of people who are scheduled to live in the cottage is very large. In fact, Gateway House can help you estimate your time to a particular house. Just provide your zip code and you can check it out. If the pressure on life is too great, you can escape to the cabin in the forest and give yourself a vacation.