7 The best Iphone Voice Changer app

7 The best Iphone Voice Changer app
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On iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad, one of the best things for users is the existence of various applications developed for them. On a smartphone with an iOS operating system, you can do everything that you can't do on a smartphone with another operating system. Of course it's all done with rock applications.

And, when we talk about applications for changing sounds, we are sure that many of you have never tried such applications. In fact, for those of you who use smartphones with the iOS operating system, finding and installing voice changer applications is very easy to do. Because you can already find it on the iOS App Store.

This is the best Voice Changer application for the Iphone : 

1. Voice Changer Plus

One of the best and most popular iOS applications, among many iOS users who have tried this kind of application, is the Voice Changer Plus application. With this application, you can choose to change your voice, to dozens of other sounds plus available sound effects.

Not only speaking, you can also use the application when singing songs, even you can record it. So you can listen to it again. In addition, you can also change the sound in the recording, by simply selecting the sound and then tapping the play button.

2. Celebrity Voice Changer

This Celebrity Voice Changer application, allows users to instantly turn their voices into celebrity voices, just by talking to iOS devices. There are many celebrity voice options that you can choose from in this application. So, it's clear that this one voice changer application is feasible to install and use on your iOS device.

3. Crazy Helium Booth

The application functions as if it were his name. You can make funny videos and photos, through funny sound effects and faces. You can have big heads like aliens, big faces, square chins, or "owl eyes". Don't miss it, you can also mix different video effects to produce new effects.

4. Voice Changer +

Another great application, which you want to try using on your iPhone device, is the Voice Changer + application. Through this application, you can use more than 800 different sound combinations, to make funny and interesting sounds. Of course, this can give you a more enjoyable experience with iPhone, iPod, and iPad.

5. Voice Changer App

Using the Voice Changer Application application, you can turn your voice into something else, and you can even add effects around your voice. This application allows you as a user, to add a lot of sound effects, to one voice that you are editing.

6. Idiotify 

You can change your voice in real-time just by sliding. Say silly things, with sounds that sound scary, like the sound of robots and others. The Idiotify app uses the most advanced technology, to make your voice sound like a funny and stupid sound, so you can have fun with it.

7. Prank Dial

PrankDial is one of the best voice changer applications, which are already available on the Apple App Store, with more than 200 million calls sent via the app. Users can make 3 free prank calls per day, and can have different voice tones for each call.