The Route 66 in America

The Route 66 in America
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Route 66 is affectionately called "Mother's Way" by Americans.It runs east from Adam Street,Chicago,Illinois,diagonally all the way west,across the continental United States to the Pacific Ocean coast of Santa Monica,California, across eight US states,passing through Illinois,Missouri,Kansas,and Austria.Oklahoma,Texas,New Mexico,Arizona, and California span three time zones with a total length of 3,939 kilometers.It was officially opened in 1926 and officially retired on June 27,1985.

As the most important lifeline of land transportation in the United States in the first half of the 20th century, Route 66 has spread to the world with American automobile culture and has become the most beautiful road in the world. At the same time, it is also a history of history and cultural heritage, known as "the most historic and valuable highway."

It is the road that A-Gump has traveled through the United States in the film "Forrest Gump". It is also the film of Wong Kar Wai's road film "Blueberry Night". Nora Jones retrieved the wandering road that once lost herself. It also affected The scene of most of the stories in the novel "On the Road" by the American generation's Beat writer Jack Kerouac.

The sixth stop on Route 66 is Pontiac.The key word for this city is “Wall Painting”,which is related to Route 66.The most conspicuous is the huge next to Wishing Well MOTEL.No.66 road sign wall painting.There is also a celebrity in the city called Bob Odmar,who is the legend of this road.He painted a look down at the American city at the university and later purchased a Chevrolet school bus and traveled along Route 66.Painting, living on this road in an environmentally friendly way.

Perhaps for many people, this road is a long journey, but for some people it is a life practice. In fact, everyone is flying fast on their career track, forgetting a lot of things that are important, and thus losing themselves. Sometimes, we need to slow down and even stop, think about our lives and find good memories. This road meets different people in different seasons, at different times, meets the same people, leaves new ones, and retrieves old ones.
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