Mysterious London Night

Mysterious London Night
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London, United Kingdom is a superb international metropolis, and its beautiful city is loved by travelers from all over the world. The city is famous for its classic European architecture and a wide range of artworks.

When night falls, the lavish city of London has changed completely and turned into a dreamlike neon world. The photos below were shot by the world's top photographer Jensen Hawks at a height of hundreds of meters by helicopter. Let us appreciate the style of this world's top night city.

At dawn, the photographer looks over the city and the shore. The red and yellow lights illuminate the dark night sky, like the most embarrassing stars in the night sky.

This location is at the junction of Oxford Street and Tottenham Court Road. The Oxford Square are still crowded at night, and people who strolled here in the daytime continue to stroll around the street at night.

Looking south along Regent Street, Carnaby Street looks like a dazzling oriental dragon that stretches to the end of the sky in the glory of the sky. Looking east to Canary Wharf, a huge pointed building looks like a glittering pyramid under the illumination of the lights, beautiful and dreamy, as if coming to distant Egypt.

Looking north from the shopping center, you can see St. James and Piccadilly, where the lights of the streets are extraordinarily bright, and the neon lights of various shops illuminate the road like a golden glow.

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The skyline of London, the Thames and the centre of the South Bank look extraordinarily beautiful, and the huge Ferris wheel has also become a colorful kite.

Looking west, Hyde Park is extraordinarily beautiful, as if a pile of rainbows piled up together. Rainbows of various colors spread the ground of the park.

The night view of Hyde Park's winter wonderland has become a paradise playground under the scenery of lights. The various fun facilities have been dyed with colorful brilliance. Looking from the heights, the park looks like the children's favorite rainbow building blocks city,.

Looking west along Oxford Street, the Christmas lights on Oxford Square are extraordinarily bright. The beautiful London night city is beyond description.