Pay Attention to this when Snorkeling

Pay Attention to this when Snorkeling
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The most interesting trip to Palau is to the underwater world. Some famous dive sites are in Palau, because there are jellyfish lakes, blue caves, and large faults. The underwater world in these places will make those who have explored it feel so beautiful. Let me talk about how to find a reliable dive service shop.

There are many shops that offer snorkeling in Palau. What we can do is to find out about the introduction and evaluation of dive shops on the Internet as much as possible before departure, and then combine them. Choose the store that suits you. Regarding snorkeling equipment, you need to prepare three things when you snorkel, face mirror, breathing tube, ankle. The three types of things that you can prepare yourself, snorkeling shops are generally also available for tourists, it should be noted here that white mirrors, snorkels, and ankles are very beautiful when photographed under water.

When the girl wears a mirror, she must ask a coach or professional to check it. Try not to cut hair in the mirror. Even if it's a trail of hair, when it's under the sea, water will flow into your eyes. Try not to apply sunscreen when snorkeling. The underwater world of Palau is very beautiful, and its biological resources are also very rich. There are thousands of shells here. They are all alive and moving. If you must play, you must avoid being pinched by them. The Palau dive site recommended 3 places and saw it together.

1. Blue hole, there are many blue holes in the world, but the Palau blue hole has a unique beauty. When the tide rises on that day, you can slip in from any blue hole. The bottom is rich in coral, especially beautiful. When you see a reef, you have to look back to the sea and you will see the spectacular light of Jesus.

2. Jellyfish Lake, Jellyfish Lake is the name card here. Many people see photos on the Internet taken by other people in jellyfish lake, so immediately made the decision to come. But in fact, now the scenery of jellyfish lake is not so spectacular, and now going to this place can cause many people to be disappointed.

3. The most spectacular big chasm is that you can reach a depth of 2 meters from the seabed, and then there is no excessive direct diving to the seabed at 6000 meters, the most spectacular place is the intersection of 2 meters and 6000 meters. There are many soft corals and various fish.